Which rule of Bud's do you like the most?  Why?

02/09/2012 5:51am

I like Bud Caldwell's rules for a better life and making an better liar of yourself is rule number 328. "When you make up your mind to do something, hurry up and do it, if you wait you might talk yourself out of what you wanted in the first place" I like rule number 328 because thats what i do all the time and my friend Nicki Minaj dose it all the time to (LOL CAN YOU FIND OUT WHO I AM????????)

03/01/2012 7:27am

I love Bud Not Buddy <3

How cares
11/12/2014 2:02pm

I agree.

02/09/2012 5:57am

I like rule number 3 because "If You Got to Tell a Lie,Make Sure It's Simple and Easy to Remember". I think that is kind of funny, because it is true! You want to make sure that it is easy to remember so you don't get caught. Bud is good at telling lie's!

02/09/2012 8:46am

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Eric L.
02/09/2012 6:12am

I liked # 328 when you make up your mind hurry up and do it before you change your mind and something else that you don't want to do.
I like it because it is good information.The reason why I like this rule is
because I think its clever.

02/09/2012 6:47am

My favorite rule is #3 because it makes sense.(considering I use it a lot.) I admit it! I am a liar. so, anyway that's why this is my favorite rule.

Deza Malone Morris
02/09/2012 6:50am

this book is very interesting so far I like and i think everybody else does to.Bud falls in love with this chick named Deza Malone.Bud had a dream about Deza and in his dream he said to her i like your dimple.

$Mackenzie Hoffman$
02/09/2012 6:54am

i like #118, because i reed bear rabbit and he said "don't put me in that thorn patch!" but they did and that tricked them. just like in bud not buddy with the amouses

bernadette maslow <3
02/09/2012 6:57am

My faveorite was #118 , You have to give adults something that they think they can use to hurt you by taking it away. that way they might not take something away that you really do want unless they're crazy or real stupid they won't take everything because if they did they wouldn't have anything to hold over your head to hurt you with later.

02/09/2012 6:58am

Bud is poor orphan who is on the lam/run. My favorite rule of Bud's is number 83, if a parent tells you not to your and you weren't worried before, you better hurry up and start' cause you're already running late.

02/09/2012 7:05am

WE both like rule # 29, because it says when you wake up and you don't know for sure where you're at and there is a bunch of people standing around you it is best to pretend you are still asleep until you can figure out what's going on and what you should do." We like this because it is true! and it is interesting. And we also like rule # 8! Whenever a adult tells you to listen carefully and talks to you in a real calm voice do not listen, run as fast as you can because something real terrible is just around the corner.Especially if the cops are chasing you. We think that rule is funny and sometimes true! ha ha ha !

03/01/2012 8:40am

Yes I like you'rs Emma

03/08/2012 6:54am

I agree with you!!! :)

$Emma Lautner
02/09/2012 8:31am

If a Grown-up ever starts a sentence by starting haven't you heard
get ready cause whats about to come out of their mouth is gonna drop
you headfirst into boiling tragedy.

02/09/2012 8:41am

I like rule number 16# because if a grown-up ever starts a sentence by saying "haven't you heard get ready, cause what's about to come out of your mouth is gonna drop you headfirst into a boiling tragedy."

02/09/2012 8:45am

It was really sad to see that people didn't have any homes.They had to work really hard on their jobs. When he was trying to get on the train was my favorite part. I like rule number 83.

Emily and Mack
03/01/2012 7:32am

Great job Andrew! Good Work!

02/09/2012 8:47am

if you got to tell a lie make sure
it's simple and easy to remember

Rick Ross
02/09/2012 8:47am

I like rule 16 because that happen to me. That's one of my rules. Rule 16 is If a grown-up ever starts a sentence by saying '' haven't you heard,''get ready,' cause what's about to come out of their mouth is gonna drop you headfirst into a boiling tragedy.

$$$$B Man P Man$$$$ /Ben and Preston....
03/01/2012 7:22am

We are writing about Bud Caldwell's rules of having a funner life and making a better liar out of yourself.We think Bud is very clever for making a book about doing clever things........

03/01/2012 7:31am

I agree but he doesn't make a book, He keeps his rules in his head.

03/01/2012 8:36am

I like one of his rules like don't touch my suitcase he got's something on his suitcase so no one can get in his suitcase.

Justin Bieber
02/16/2015 11:45am

This book is FABulous!!!!!!


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