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11/9/2011 09:44:20 pm

I think she's unusual, creative, and positive. She always looks on the bright side. I also like being creative and try to find the best of things.

11/9/2011 09:46:25 pm

P.S. Absolutely looooovvve this book!

11/9/2011 09:48:52 pm

Stargirl is unusual, fun, energetic, and full of laughter! She is also creative, nice, and sweet. She's kind of out there just like me!

Chloe :)
11/9/2011 11:42:26 pm

Stargirl may be very different, but she is kind, sweet, and the best cheerleader on the cheer squad! She always looks on the bright side and I admire that. She is different, but then again if everyone was exactly the same, life wouldn't be as much fun.

***** Five stars!

Reese and Tess ;)
11/10/2011 12:00:09 am

Stargirl is an unusual, fun, energetic, and silly. She is unique, but her high school is not. This is a story of love and nonconformity.


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