Why does Arriman have to devise a contest?  Describe the rules.


Hannah and Reese
11/09/2011 05:41

He has to devise a contest because he is tired of watching over his estate. He wants to find a wife so he can have a baby and the baby can take over. That is why he wants to devise a contest.

11/10/2011 05:54

He has to devise a contest because he needs to find a wife

11/10/2011 06:06

Arriman has to divise a contest because he is tired of being a black wizard and wants someone to take over for him. He went to a very accurate gypsy and she tells him that a great and powerful wizard will come and take over. The great and powerful wizard does not come though. So he decides to divise a contest between twelve Todcaster witches. He wants a wife to have a baby so when his baby grows up he will take over from Arriman. The rules of the contest are to do the most horrifying, most blackest, most terrifying trick you can do. Each witch picked a number out of a hat and what ever number they pulled would be the place and day that they would do their trick.

Chloe, Reese and Tess :)
11/10/2011 07:59

The wizard Arrimen is tired of working! The problem is, he would despise another wizard taking over so he devises a competition to find a valid wife. That way, the wife can have a child and the child can take over! So that the wizard who takes over is still in his bloodstream. But one question remains: Which Witch?


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