What was in Bud's suitcase and what was the significance of theses items?

02/09/2012 6:03am

I like the book Bud Not Buddy it is about a ten year old boy trying to find his father after his mom died. I think it's a adventure book. In his suitcase that he tied with twine there was: a poster of his dad(he thinks), a picture of his mom, and a blanket. They are all important, because they are all he has.

09/25/2014 2:13pm

love the book

02/09/2012 6:05am

Bud has a good heart. He also has a suitcase with very special things in it. There is a picture of his mom, some posters of a jazz band, and last a blanket that he uses to fall asleep. I think " Bud Not Buddy" is a very good book. It tells a story about an orphan boy, that does not have a momma. His momma died when he was 6 years old. And Bud thinks that his dad is on his jazz posters. He is made for adventure and is a great liar. He is on the lam because he could not deal with his pretend brother, Toddy, or his foster parents the Amuses. He is still on the lam and is traveling to Chicago so far in this story.

02/09/2012 6:49am

In Bud's suitcase there is a picture of bud's mom and a flier of singers.

02/09/2012 6:52am

the rocks r in the bag b.c. his Mother collected them.
where they his father's ?????????????????????????
where they dimonds she turned down??????????????????????
read bud not buddy to find out!!!!!! (6

im awesome and u no it
02/09/2012 6:57am

Bud's suitcase is very special to him because his mom kept all of the special things that are in his suitcase. Bud has a picture of his mom wearing a GIANT cowboy hat. Also Bud has a blanket, just in case he WAS left outside. Bud also has a pillow, in case he was sleeping under a tree at one point or another. He has a tobacco bag full of rocks. Bud also has a blue flyer and it was his "mommas" so I think it was very special to him.

Preston and Ben
02/09/2012 6:58am

A blue flyer was in Bud's suitcase.The blue flyer had the words Herman E. Calloway on it. Bud thought that Herman E.Calloway could be his father. A bag of Bud's rock's were in his suitcase, because he loved the colorful rocks. Bud also had a blanket to sleep with and to keep him warm. He had a picture of his mom riding a mini horse and wearing a big cowboy hat. Bud's mom died when Bud was six years old. Bud loves his suitcase and everything in it.

03/08/2012 6:58am

I agree//////

Emily Missana
02/09/2012 7:00am

Bud,Not Buddy is a great person who treasures his suitcase, because that is where he keeps all of his treasures. He has things like the blue flyer (he thinks that the guy in the middle is his father), he also has a blanket, a pillow, tobacco bag,and a bag of stones. Buds moms also treasured that blue flyer. Bud just found out why she treasured it so much.The words Herman E. Calloway were printed on the flyer.

02/09/2012 7:01am

I did not like when bud's mom die. And I did not like when somewhan put a pincel up bud's nuse.

02/09/2012 7:01am

Bud not Buddy is a very intricate book. Bud is a dude who's parents died when he was young. He kept some of what he thinks used to be his mother's, like: A tobacco bag full of rocks, a picture of his Mama, a blanket, sometimes a jackknife, and some flyers. All in all Bud not Buddy is a story that catches the readers mind. ~ Elinor Glassco.

02/09/2012 7:06am

"Bud Not Buddy" is a very intriguing book.It is the kind of book where you just don't want to put it down once you've started. "Bud Not Buddy" is a book about a 10 year old boy named Bud who's mother died when he was only 6 years old. He has kept some of the things that used to belong to his mother inside his suitcase. Some of those things include: a picture of his mom, a bag of tobacco, a blanket, a pillow, a bag of stones,a couple of flyers that he believes has his dad on them, and sometimes a jackknife.

02/09/2012 8:32am

Hi my name is Danny. We are reading Bud not Buddy. In Bud's suitcase there was picture, flyer, blanket, and rocks.

02/09/2012 8:36am

of picture of his dad and the picture few out of his suitcase.

02/09/2012 8:37am

Bud has a good heart. When he was 6 years old his mama died. He was very strong when that happened. He had a suitcase that he kept all his belongings in. The suitcase represented everything he had left. One thing he had in it was his blanket to go to asleep. He had a picture of his mom when she was a little girl. There were some posters of a jazz band. Later on in the story he found a friend and they kissed......... No matter where he went he always took his suitcase with him!

Shirley Miller
02/09/2012 8:43am

Bud is a 10 year old boy who lost his mom when he was 6 years old. So he has a photo of his mom in his suitcase, a blue flyer, an old tobacco bag with rooks in it,and a blanket. The flyer is important because Bud thinks that the man playing the a giant fiddle.

02/09/2012 8:44am

There was a blue flyer in the suitcase. He had two others in there and a picture of his mother too. He had his rocks in there. Bud had a tobacco string on his suitcase. Bud was six year old when he was in the foster home.

john man jr cool man
02/09/2012 8:45am

Bud not Buddy Bud didn't now how his dad was in he barely now his mom

02/09/2012 8:47am

Bud had a flier in his suitcase and he put it under his bed . He had to were a funny hat.And he had some rocks in his suitcase.

03/01/2012 6:49am

The stuff that were in Bud's suitcase were... rocks, a blanket, a flyer of his dad (he thinks that it is his father),and last but not least a picture of his mom (when she was younger).

03/01/2012 6:51am

Bud,not Buddy:In his suitcase was a couple of flyers, a blanket, some rocks with writing on them, and a picture of his momma when she was you (she died when he was six years old). I think the only reason he carries those thing is because his mom had them and I think he wanted to keep memories.

03/01/2012 6:53am

Bud not Buddy is a very good book for people that like black history month. What he had in his suit case was a picture of his mom and his grandad on a jazz poster.

03/01/2012 6:57am

If I was in The Great Depression I would be very poor I could not help myself and I would try to have a better life.If I had any siblings what could I do with them,leave them starving and probably let them die?I would never do that for my family and future family.

03/01/2012 6:57am

Bud, not Buddy is a great book about a boy who's mom die's when he was six years old.He has a lot of things in his suitcase that are important to him because it is a picture of his mom,a picture of a jazz band and he thinks one of the guys is his dad,and some rocks.

john man jr bad boy
03/01/2012 8:42am

Darriuss is a good friend he moved.

abigail :|>-|o
03/08/2012 6:57am

bud had a picture of his momma, probably because he missed her.


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